Fast and Adaptable

Fast &

This cell-based targeting system is highly sensitive – providing results in less than 10 minutes – and can be easily programmed for a diverse set of bacteria, viruses, proteins, antibodies and CTCs.
Low Cost and Portable

Low Cost &

This lightweight and rugged system works anywhere it is needed – in the lab, in the exam room, or at the plant – and the disposable, preloaded cartridges keep testing costs low.
Safe and Easy to Use

Safe &
Easy To Use

With minimal training, anyone can effectively operate the single-step system, which has built in data capture and EMR integration and safety mechanisms to ensure proper interpretation of results.

Saving Time Is Valuable To Some, Vital To Others

Whether in hospitals, emergency rooms, or urgent care clinics – following the first clinical signs of infection – SPAR™ can provide rapid intervention ensuring better patient outcomes, more timely and accurate antibiotic prescriptions, and less overall liability for healthcare providers.
Food Safety
Food Safety
Without the costly wait for sample enrichment or incubation, SPAR™ can quickly determine whether or not food production at a processing facility or food distribution throughout the supply chain needs to be halted in order to contain a pathogen outbreak.
Veterinary Care
Veterinary Care
From veterinary clinics and hospitals to farms and ranches, real-time pathogen detection for pets and livestock is crucial and can potentially be the time saving difference between losing a single animal or an entire herd.

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